The Real thing…

You have maybe heard of Dr. Helen Roseveare who suffered so brutally for Christ in Zaire (formerly Congo) in her years spent there as a Missionary Doctor.

This was recorded for the purpose of being used at her Thanksgiving service after she died. This lady made me seek God in tears as a teenage boy. I had never encountered such beauty. I saw the sheer beauty of Jesus Christ and wanted Him more than anything else in all the world and wanted to give Him everything. I could find no consolation for my distress and longing until I found a quiet place to be with Christ and get on my knees.

If any of you are interested in my story at all, well, this amazing lady speaking to a group of teenagers at Kilcreggan House is one of the top 3 influences in the establishing of my early life in Christ. This video to my mind is worth more than all I have ever posted.

This is the real thing. That day at Kilcreggan left me asking, “How is it possible for a human being to shine with the glory of God as I have just witnessed?”

The beauty of Christ can cut through resistance more than all the angry preaching in the world. The beauty of Christ had me in bits….

For those of you who have suffered physical and sexual violence against you, let this dear saint bring you hope that mourning can indeed be turned to dancing…

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  1. Mike says:

    What a beautiful person, a lady who choose to serve the Lord as a privilege. If you don’t feel humbled after watching this wow a life dedicated to a Jesus. Thank you Kenny a lovely testimony.


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