More thoughts on Faith v Folly

In case you think I am occasionally too hard hitting in what I say about my fellow Charismatics, well, it is because folly presented as faith damages people. An example from the radio this morning: in South Africa a Church was teaching its followers that they have the blood of Jesus in their veins so they would be immune from the Coronavirus. They have been teaching that for a while. I guess they now have people in their numbers who are showing signs of infection, as mercifully they have stopped teaching that. A gathering of 3 million was being planned for Easter which they were pushing ahead with, despite being told not to. Thankfully, once more, the recent news is they are not going ahead.

This is a time to make real the closeness of God by our solidarity with a suffering world, showing what true faith is, sharing the mystery of the already here but still to come Kingdom, sharing how our God is able to deliver from fear, that He heals either in time or in eternity. All that matters, Paul told us as new creations in Christ, is faith expressing itself through love.

On the even more serious side, in the face of confrontation with our mortality, it is an opportunity to share how in Jesus, and in Him alone, death has lost its sting for all who trust in Him.

God bless


2 comments on “More thoughts on Faith v Folly

  1. Louisa Dawson says:

    Amen so many gullible folk. Warnings are good as long as fear does’nt enter in. Thanks Kenny. Blessings


  2. Angela says:

    Amen to all that, Kenny!
    As Christians, we must pay attention to, and obey, the Gov advice for the good of all. Even if we were somehow immune by belonging to Him, to continue to meet in groups etc is not the good example we should be upholding. And since we are not automatically immune, we must respect those in authority who are trying to protect us all. Romans 13:1-7


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