Much worse is coming…

The Coronavirus is only a pale shadow of what is yet to come. No scientist when these days begin will be able to say “We are confident we will get on top of this.” Governments will have no advice. The only hope will be the ignored God who made us and who alone can save, but those who speak about Him will be silenced and persecuted.

These days are not yet. Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the birth pangs, or the beginning of the beginning. I have no idea when they will begin in full measure, but I read of them in the bible and have seen their approach in a vision in which God’s voice spoke about the folly of ignoring a warning. These days may be very near or yet very far away, but purifying fire burning God’s own people, the Church, globally, will be the first sign, not a virus. Live, love, witness, serve, help, share in season and out of season and warn…and pray for a great Revival, the saving of countless souls, before these days come.

Jesus is the true friend of sinners, more than a pal or “mate.” As our true friend, He does not conceal truth from us but tells it to us and trusts us with it. Let’s show His true friendship to the world He came to dwell in and die in, in order that we might not perish but have everlasting life. Awareness of mortality and eternity is the beginning of the beginning of wisdom dawning and the escape from folly.

God bless


One comment on “Much worse is coming…

  1. Annette Masters says:

    I truly see this as a warning Kenny and we have been seeing amazing harvest fields and the ingathering over the past ten years – It’s a wake up for the Church and for those who have not turned to Him yet (Whilst we were still sinners Christ died for us) Church online streaming is the ‘wonderful pandemic’ at the moment – amazing what God’s people can do when He shows us. Unity even in the most dire circumstances – people being used I never thought possible – who am I to doubt our wonderful GOD.
    New ways of BEING and very importantly ‘doing’ Church going on -BECAUSE- Of Wyatt is happening.
    Our God is a great big God and He holds us in HIS HANDS. PRAISE HIM AND THANK HIM.


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