6 comments on “Soothing wisdom…

  1. Christine Robinson says:

    I love this – thank you. May I steal your lovely idea for our church website please?


    • revkennyblog says:

      This seems to be going round social media! I got it from there. It would be a great thing to put on your church website I think. It carries a sense of Hod in it, I think. Some would mock such a thought, but no matter! I believe it to be so.


  2. learne mcgrath says:

    Thanks kenny. Our nation is doing that in 24 hours. Total lockdown…so much fear but it is a good thing. Stay saf e


  3. Rosa says:

    Reading the latest guidance via BBC News, we can go out once a day for needed exercise and fresh air if distances are kept. And for groceries as few times as possible.
    The Pooh pic is so apt. I came straight home after my blood test today, via a nearby park, keeping good distances (had to veer away across grass twice), carrying my replacement sharps bin in a bag.
    The new emergency Bill will be signed in by end of Thursday. A bit scary in its powers. Need to pray its application will not be abused as reforms to benefits system certainly were.


  4. Heather Mackay says:

    Awh .. very apt


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