“Get Ready for the Whirlwind…”

A few months ago, I think in early December, God seemed to say to me, “Get ready for the Whirlwind.” When a prophetic word comes to me, unlike a teaching word, it comes with a sense of immediacy, as though it must happen and be shared that very moment. I have learned that is in the nature of a prophetic word. It feels intensely present, but it may not be for the immediate present. Sometimes it is difficult for me to get the sense of timing as prophecy and revelatory type gifts are not my main thing. I put the word on Facebook because of the intensity but was not able to give further detail when asked, as none had been given to me.  It did seem at odds with most of the prophetic words that established prophetic ministries seemed to give t the start of 2020, which were full of promises of astounding blessing coming to God’s people in the course of the year and not much of a more sombre and alarming hue such as a “whirlwind” would suggest. However, I am wondering if this present moment we are living in something at least of “the Whirlwind.”

These are difficult times for sure. Life as we know it  has been picked up and blown around, for some people in very violent, distressing  and disorientating ways indeed. It may be so for you at this moment. This virus and how one must adjust to it is affecting believer and non believer. It is killing believer and non believer. It is altering lifestyle, the organising of family life, causing financial loss to believer and non believer.

I was reminded, however, of this well known sentence: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

Some say Luther was the originator of this thought and sentence. Others say it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I believe it has not been found in the writings of Luther, and though it may have been used by MLK, it seems it did not have its beginnings in his amazing mind, heart and oratory,  either.

Whoever said it first, I think there is rich food for our souls in the thought this sentence contains.  I would not know where to begin in trying to write about it on Facebook! 6 themes have sprung to life in my mind in under 2 seconds. So then, I will leave you to do your own thinking! May it build you up in your daily following of Jesus at this moment in time.

God bless


4 comments on ““Get Ready for the Whirlwind…”

  1. Louisa Dawson says:

    Think it’s an ‘even though’ from minor prophet. I heard so much about 2020 vision but I felt more was being read into and could be a distract. Keep healthy and strong.

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  2. Annette Masters says:

    Hi Kenny of course you give a prophetic word to the Church and the World you are a Preacher that’s what it means.
    Be encouraged the Lord will always follow through with what we cannot do or don’t know whether we are or not.
    “Whirlwind” is an apt description – we had “ Preparation” so we tried to prepare on every front.
    Your word this morning concerning the Apple tree is Perfect for Philip and I we are grateful and thank you for just passing it on.
    30+ years ago the Lord spoke to us
    Taste and See tHat the Lord is Good.
    I had a picture of an Apple than the Lord showed me the Apple sliced in two.
    I wondered if it was the number of Pips in the Apple He was showing me.
    He clearly said
    I knew what He was saying and we started a Ministry – training others up in Prayer Ministry – the gift and training we were being given by the Holy Spirit for that season and beyond.
    Since then many pictures of Apple orchards Olive Groves Vineyards Oak trees Almond orchards.
    The Apple tree is very pertinent for everyone keep planting.
    Kenny keep prophesying and remember TRUE Humbleness is knowing and doing what God calls us to do. It’s called Obedience to HIM – Never put yourself down lovely man of GOD. We all love you and look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Mungo Jerrie says:

    Right on the nail. It reminds me of a vision from Rick Joyner many years ago, in which he observed an island beset with type of civil warfare between different Christian groups, evidenced with the lobbying of grenades at each other. Not all groups were engaged in such activity – some where concerned with nothing less than Godly intercession and the salvation of souls surrounding. A large, dark storm came and swept right over that island, causing the island and all the groups to disappear under the roiling ferment of angry waves. When finally the storm subsided and had passed, all those who had engaged in civil war and including their buildings were totally gone, but left were those whose hearts were clean and free of party spirit.

    What we are in currently, is as you rightly heard, is just the beginning of the ‘Whirlwind’. There is more to come, that because He loves us so, will rightly chastise and set many of us back on a right course that we may remain and prevail. Sadly many of us having grown cold in love, will be swept aside and lost into the sea of compromise and ‘cultural relevance’.

    Could it be, that what we are currently in globally, is more about a ‘judgement beginning with the house of the Lord’?


  4. Heather Cooper says:

    Timely word. Thank you.

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