People need the help of God right now…

Some of my friends attach huge prophetic significance to the Coronavirus beyond other struggles that happen on the face of the earth either past or present. I personally do not. They may be right, I may be wrong. I sincerely mean that, it is not just a throwaway comment. Whatever, via Facebook, like myself, you will be receiving news of friends and loved ones of friends who now have the virus. Some, mostly those with underlying health conditions, have been hospitalised. Whether we regard what is happening as part of living (and suffering and dying) in a fallen world or give it all a more pointed significance, we need to be united in prayer for those who suffer, and their loved ones coping with the distress. After that, we may believe we are being led to pray in different ways about this whole thing and indeed we must pray as we are led by the the Holy Spirit. However, let’s not get so lost in the theology of it all that we forget real people with real needs who need God’s help and our prayers.
Sometimes people send me their spiritual insights as to what they think is happening behind the scene as it were. If you have, and I have not posted or shared them here, please don’t think that is a comment on whether I believe you to be right or wrong in your reading of this present time. It is for this reason that I don’t pass them on. Satan loves to divide the body of Christ. This is not a time for seeing who can amass the most Scriptural or Prophetic or Spiritual Warfare points. I hope you agree. I remember seeing the fight to do that over 9/11. It was pretty hideous.
Let’s pray with whatever measure of faith God has given us. Let’s love and care. Let’s first and foremost humble ourselves before Almighty God and ask for His merciful love and help and then do what we can in day to day practical ways to demonstrate those prayers are real and not just the thing that religious people do.
God bless

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  1. Angela says:

    Amen. Too many myths going around, created by non believers. We don’t have to create our own based on our interpretation of the times! May God’s blessings be on all who suffer.


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