True Prophecy is in danger of perishing in Scotland…

Apparently the Coronavirus came about as a collusion between Nancy Pelosi and the Chinese to derail Donald Trump. Must be true. An American Prophet said it…So there you are. Blame the Democrats in the USA. Now we know. The bats and Pangolins can breathe easier tonight. It is all Nancy’s fault. By the way the Prophet, the Man of God with secret information from mystical experiences, said His fellow Americans don’t need to stay in their homes.

Folly triumphs over Faith once more, in the Name of Christ. It is blasphemy. It is a breaking of the Commandments, it is a misuse of His Name. It is attaching His Name to our utterances. Those who do that even if they are believers, will not be held guiltless without repentance. This is the dangerous side of the more extreme versions of Charismatic Christianity which is flourishing in these days. It claims to save and heal. It is actually spreading destruction and death.

Please if you are Charismatic, test everything. There are open doors for this type of thing to come increasingly into the UK. It is backed by huge wealth and can make itself beguilingly attractive in the offer of wealth and opportunity. Don’t get mesmerised by the glories it seems to offer to you in this world. It will destroy your integrity and your soul in exchange for what it promises. Let’s care about the integrity of prophecy in this land.

GK. Chesterton said that madness is like a circle. When you are inside the circle of that madness you can interpret everything inside it according to its closed system of belief. They reinterpret all facts within their own interpretive system of beliefs ( they are far from being the only stable of Christian who do this). It is a closed circle. No fact is allowed to enter it to ask questions. Inconvenient fact with the power to create a chink of light in the closed circle, is neutralised at the border. At some point, conscience is seared and surrendered. Unease is ignored.

If you are in the process of ignoring conscience, I am praying for you that you do not put your integrity on the altar for anything that is being dangled before you. Get out now. If you don’t, the time will come when you are so deeply in the circle of madness you will not know it … and if you are interested, I believe that is a prophetic word for prophets in Scotland and beyond … but …those who need to hear it most already have hardened hearts and seared consciences. Watch out for doors of welcome being opened to this form of closed circle insanity: the more extreme and extra biblical the more it must be God, but only some are privy to seeing it. It is old fachioned Gnosticism revived: secret knowledge for the initiated gained through mystical experience, not open to those of us who simply embrace the gospel as given in Christ through his Apostles. Incidentally, Paul did not add to the gospel through his own private mystical experiences, even though they really happened. Don’t receive teaching based only on someone’s private mystical experience, but only that which is there in the Word of God. Paul would counsel the same, I believe.

Such people in the US. have the ear of the President, with whom they are delighted: in one way, in an infantile way of thinking, I get that. He will probably try to lift restrictions at a date significant in the Jewish Calendar. That is not a prophecy but a fear of mine which I hope will not come to be.

Written in the fear of the Lord and in the fear Charismatics may kill the Charismatic Movement: perhaps s a Movement it has already died and lost any meaningful Kingdom of God influence in the land beyond its own convinced and enthusiastic fringe people? May God have mercy and send forth His Spirit in power once more.

God bless


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  1. Heather Mackay says:

    I think we’re talking about the same youtube piece. 100% with you in all you say above ..thank you for your voice of boldness.


  2. Ian says:

    Well said.


  3. David Knowles says:

    Well put Kenny.
    Take care and God bless you and your family.


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