Shielding…alone but together.

As I awaited the arrival of my “Shielding” letter today, I was reading Psalm 133. What a blessing there is in the reality of together. I feel sad today for anyone who got their letter today, for whom there is no reality of “together.”

(Sorry for shakiness of the video posted here! New Tripod on order.)

3 comments on “Shielding…alone but together.

  1. Mike says:

    Kenny thank you that message is such a blessing. I have been very lonely currently isolating from my wife Mary and our children who I miss so much. The way you unpacked the Psalm was up lighting and reminded me that we will be reunited after this life for those who trust Jesus. Please could you continue with your videos as I feel so much better God bless


    • revkennyblog says:

      Aw Mike. I hope others may be moved to pray for you and your loved ones at this time. It is not easy, is it? Thanks for letting me know the videos are helping you. I will try and keep going with them! Much love to you… K


  2. Angela says:

    I cannot imagine being entirely alone… I have one of my sons living here though we are instructed to not be in the kitchen together, endure the bathroom is cleaned before I use it… strict distancing means not eating together. ‘Take your food to your room.’
    Well, we use the space available in such a way that we are merely passing most of the time, at a distance. Just one bathroom.
    My strategy of rearranging furniture to fit a folding chair into a sunny spot in my own room has worked.. come, feeble Scottish sunrays, I’m ready to soak you up!
    I am so thankful for relationship with God; always gets me through each crisis.
    I am sticking to prioritising balance with time to pray, read, listen etc. Not permitting the sudden abundance of presence of others online or in messages to draw me away from that… difficult at first but intend to stick with a routine that is beneficial and healthy. I must hear what He wants me to pay attention to rather than everything else.
    And it is very heartening to see pastors everywhere adapting to new ways of reaching their flocks and meeting their needs, as you are too Kenny. Applause for all of them too!
    May all in any kind of need find those needs met through trust in God who never abandons or forsakes.


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