5 comments on “Prove your faith is real! Speak out the WRONG words.

  1. Sue Ward says:

    Thanks, Kenny. There are so many hurting people out there who have been brain washed into believing that anything less than “blind faith” is wrong. Surely God revealed Himself in Christ so that we could know him, and know that He delights to be our Father, comforting us (strengthening us) in ALL our afflictions. What earthly Father worth the name will turn away from his child who is afraid? and are we not more important to him than “one of these “


  2. Rosa says:

    Very timely!
    My youngest at age 12 (:5 now) had the false belief that security in Jesus meant nothing bad would touch him. I reminded him that Christians get killed from to time.
    Another son many years ago expressed that sense of speaking nothing ‘negative’ till I helped him see that expressing real feelings is exactly right, as long as we then also receive strength in faith to deal with the trouble.
    Thank you for doing your blog and vlog!


  3. Mike says:

    Thanks Kenny really helpful and encouraging.

    Yesterday I was incredibly anxious and worried, feeling alone as well but I just prayed and told the Lord how I felt. It’s ok to feel like this as Kenny spoke and reminded us, for the remainder of the day I felt some what calmer and had a good nights sleep. I found it also helpful to switch away from the news, read something uplighting from the word of god and I found a really good Christian web site with some excellent films that are full of hope, joy and peace (https://newfaithnetwork.com/en-gb/discover)

    Keep up the great work Kenny god bless.


  4. Ann says:

    Thank you Kenny just joined recommenced by Judy. Really enjoying listening to you . God bless


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