I hope we don’t lose what we have gained in these strange times…

It is possible to miss the moment. I remember a dream I had in the 90’s in which Renewal of God’s Purposes in Scotland was represented in the form of a lion. The lion walked into one of the biggest churches in the city. The congregation fled and only returned when the lion left. They picked up their hymn books and started to sing at exactly the point they had been at before the lion came. Meanwhile the lion moved on to other more welcoming gatherings. The moment of renewal in that confident church was missed, indeed fled from, in favour of “no change, business as usual!”

I am not suggesting Coronavirus represents God renewing the Church, but it would be really sad if we all picked up our hymn books and sang from where we left off as it were once this is over, as though that somehow represented faithfulness that merits a pat on our backs from ourselves. This really is a season when new things can blossom that maybe would not otherwise have come about. Of course there are those who wax in learned tones as to why we should not change this or that as though a change represents a denial of our heritage.

Have the courage, humility and joy not to be one of those voices nor to pay greater homage to them however illustrious than to the Word and Spirit of God. Sometimes aspects of our heritage need to be left behind in favour of a truer faithfulness to the Christ of Scripture rather than the Christ of a particular theology, or the practices of a particular time that were perhaps one way of being faithful to Christ at a given moment, but not the only way for all time.

God bless


One comment on “I hope we don’t lose what we have gained in these strange times…

  1. Annette Masters says:

    You are so right Kenny the Harvest is actually happening before our very eyes – so many people crying out to God – so many people telling others about Jesus and His Redeeming Love – So Many very real questions being asked and answered by those of us that can see this.
    We are seeing unity restored in families and during a Global prayer meeting last week many Leaders being encouraged in their continuing new way of walking with the Lord and their congregations families friends and neighbours.we are reaching so many more people through this media.

    Those who have small children and responsibilities at home can have church streamlined into their homes – those who would not think of going to church are getting involved in churches and charities that show the Love of Jesus to his people.
    All this in the midst of pain and suffering our Lord is with us all.

    Bless you dear friend keep encouraging everyone the way you do – quietly and gently with great respect
    Much love IN HIM Annette


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