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  1. Angela says:

    I found that greatly encouraging and refreshing… simple too, as powerful words usually are.
    I was really feeling some low mood descending, missing all the faces at church and the sense of belonging in a body of worshipping Christians.
    I am just not up to tolerating weeks and months of never being outside. My endurance and perseverance have to be in my relationship with God.
    Plus, it helps that I signed up yesterday evening to be part of a local group seeing essential items for hospital staff and care homes staff. I have started, git one item almost made today after material was delivered late morning.
    If folk in their nineties can raise cash by simply walking with a Zimmer or ascending and descending statues, I can contribute by staying at home and putting my sewing machine to good use, praising God that my joints allow me to manage it at present too. I will be slower than I used to be but will be happy to be joining a community effort.
    Looking outwards to community as well as strengthening the soul; a good recipe for survival!


    • revkennyblog says:

      What a wonderful effort! Well done! K


      • Angela says:

        Thank you, Kenny, for kind words and for keeping on with all your encouraging blogs etc too.
        Re above, typos in there but most will realise what the words ought to be: sewing, got, stairs.
        Exhausted now but have cooked a dinner and fed my son a bit later than usual, completed two laundry bags made from two pillow cases… time went by so fast! I did not get my hour lying in a patch of sunlight on my bed. But neither did I give too much thought to lack of access to the glorious weather.


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