“This is not ‘it.’”

Back in December in Glencoe I had a prophetic moment when I saw people calling on the hills and mountains there to fall on them to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb. Later on that day there was in actual fact an earth tremor in that very place. I felt the Lord saying something fearful was on the way. A few days later I had a vision of a whirlwind breaking over the land. Unlike the mountains falling which was simply a picture of terror, the whirlwind felt both wonderful and fearful. It had the feeling of both awesome revival but coming out of a fearful experience.

While in the Lord’s presence a few days ago, just wondering about these experiences as I have often done in relation to the pandemic, I believe He at last spoke into my to and fro wondering this way and that, with greater clarity. “This is not it.” We need to learn to call on the Name of the Lord before “it” does come. No medical science will make any progress when “it” arrives. No common grace blessings will be sufficient to face it or make the slightest dent in its progress. It will result not just in a huge part of the world in lockdown, but one quarter to one third dying. Only calling on the Name of the Lord will bring it to an end.

This is not “it” yet, but have we, even as God’s people never mind a lost world, learned in this pandemic thus far to call upon the Name of the Lord for mercy and help, or along with the world have believers erected a few new man shaped idols in which we trust for salvation? Have we gone beyond thanksgiving where it is due to people and to God, to worshipping the gifts of His grace to a fallen world which come in the form of knowledge and skills to relieve suffering?

I have not the slightest idea of timing as to all of this. What I have written here, is the sum of what I have been given: nothing added for effect and nothing left out to make it more palatable or less shocking. I have only very occasionally been told timing windows for God’s purposes but have not been given the slightest hint about timing in regard to what I am sharing here.

“ Cry out!” “What shall I cry?” “All flesh is like grass… the wind blows and carries it away.” “The Word of the Lord endures forever.”


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  1. Paul Hayes says:

    Dear Kenny
    Thanks for that. It is sound and scriptural and full of wisdom. The picture you have been given resonates and reflects the words of scripture from Revelation. There are people turning to God and finding salvation in Jesus in this and fresh wonderful opportunities for witness and love in so many ways. In this situation, there could be a society-wide call to prayer and repentance and its outworking – but interestingly that is missing even though we have a reportedly changed Prime Minister. I have seen one model of how to move forward in a balanced way in the last few days that has impressed me enormously but it is not possible to share it openly on-line.


  2. Rosa says:

    This sounds like the events closest to the second coming; things I fervently pray my unsaved close family, loved sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren/descendants will not be put through.
    This pandemic, now, is warning enough to pray more fervently and faithfully, to also ensure I’m listening for His voice more attentively, to draw closer still to the place of my refuge, the strong tower.
    And pray mercy for those who ‘miss the boat’ and have to endure far more terrible things to come after the church is removed to safety.


    • revkennyblog says:

      As you know I do not believe that the church will be taken out of this, but I certainly believe we should pray fervently…


      • Rosa says:

        Ah, yes! I’d forgotten you favour that view. It was so novel to me when you first told me of it. I have looked into why. Sorry, O don’t favour that view myself but could be entirely wrong.


  3. Rosa says:

    Kenny, I have been looking at Spurgeon’s work recently, never having done so before. He kept off the subject of eschatology as much as possible, feeling the need to bring the message of salvation was priority.
    I found a link to his eschatological ideas but not yet examined them.
    I had forgotten that you do not embrace the idea of the rapture; it has been a ‘given’ in most churches I know.
    However, after reading all of the Left Behind series many years ago, I wondered if they were true interpretations and did superficial investigation. I have felt since then that we need to be prepared in case the removal of the church is not correct.
    I’d be highly relieved if it was! But focus on Him, and readiness for anything, has to be more important.


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