3 comments on “VLOG 5: The Magnifying Lens of Lockdown…

  1. Angela says:

    These five vlogs are sure to speak to many; there’s a great unmet need in this area.
    It’s good to allow Holy Spirit to pinpoint the area/issue/memory that He wants to deal with, knowing that if there’s more, He will come to it in His timing which is always precision timing.
    Timed to be poured out when each of us is ready and open to that spotlight searching our basements/attics… and revealing things possibly even hidden from the conscious remembering.
    I cannot praise Him enough for His long compassion and reassurance of Jesus’ continual intercession on my behalf, as the Bible tells us.
    I’d not have survived all that life threw at me, and healed from it, without God’s cherishing and wise and timely interventions.
    Praying for all those I know who need this touch, and for those who don’t know they need it, or resist it. May knowledge, courage and awareness bring them to his loving embrace.


  2. Mike says:

    Thanks Kenny very wise words. Interesting tonight I sharing with my wife Mary and she opened up about the loss of her brother and how she was still grieving. I tried to help Mary with the grief as I lost my sister in a tragic accident. Ultimately as you shared Kenny, it is the Lord who heals and can show us were the plug is or the root cause. Thankfully we are all learning and we have a God who loves us all.


  3. Heather Mackay says:

    KB your Vlogs are precious.


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