2 comments on “Vlog 20: Lockdown Magnifying Lens.

  1. catriona says:

    Thank you for that sensible reminder. Takes me back to the first sermon that really spoke to me, it was preached by George B Duncan, I was 10 years old.


  2. Angela says:

    I don’t respond to all your vlogs, Kenny, but do benefit from watching each one.
    Pride was in my devotional today, shown when we bristle over the behaviour of another… yet what we see that annoys us is often something we are just as bad at, if not worse.
    There have indeed been those times in my Christian walk, and I still occasionally catch myself thinking something then am sobered when reminded by the Lord that perhaps my own heart harbours the same weakness.
    He shows me when it is indeed the case of the pit calling the kettle black!
    How amazing is His patience with all our weaknesses and unadmitted flaws, and so certain and living and kind is His forgiveness and mercy, His healing touch and cleansing Spirit.


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