2 comments on ““Oh for wings to fly away from what is happening in my life!” Psalm 55.

  1. Angela says:

    I listened and watched this wonderful video again today after being awake for nearly three hours… I had been lying on my bed just after dawn, listening for the Lord to speak. But He was waiting for me to speak, to tell Him the wretchedness of a specific pain that is ongoing and ‘under the magnifying glass of lockdown’.
    Tears… then your reminder and gentle compassion in this video.
    I could see an old fashioned pharmacy with shelves full of glass bottles containing my tears; I thought of the wonderful scent of bush honeysuckle in early April, in WV, USA… glorious! How can my tears possibly be such a fragrance to the Lord?
    There has never been anyone permanent in my life who valued me as the Lord does.
    It might feel more real if someone had cherished me from childhood or in long stable friendship rather than superficial relationship and repeated betrayals.
    Nobody gave that to Jesus either, so He knows.
    But there, feelings do not constitute faith nor are they a true barometer of the truth about God; the word of God is greater and more powerful.
    The prayer at the end touched me. As ever, He carries His own through it all in spite of emotions and human frailties, giving a peace and joy beyond understanding.


  2. celia says:

    To be heard and fully known, how I need this in this time of lock down and thank you Kenny for reminding me of these verses in Psalm 55 and 56.


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