Lost your job? Facing imminent unemployment?

Worried about a financial need? Been there frequently and could see no obvious answer. I remember at one such point when I was trusting BUT trying to work out how God would probably meet the need. He said to me, “Get rid of the Abacus.” I am sharing His word to me in the belief it is a truth for all God’s redeemed family, including you. An Abacus would never lead you to a fish with a coin in its mouth, would it? Don’t limit God to the horizons of your calculations or imagination.

I know some of you are facing imminent unemployment this coming week and have no financial reserves. Some of you are single, but some of you are in that situation with a family to support, not just yourself. Whatever, you are not a failure. You have lived wisely, lovingly and faithfully. I hope this word does not taunt you. Don’t worry if you struggle to believe it immediately…

Another thought just came to me: God’s Spirit has probably placed you in someone’s heart and prayers, even though they don’t know why they have started to think about you and you have told them nothing.

God bless


3 comments on “Lost your job? Facing imminent unemployment?

  1. Helen Edwin Clark says:

    Love your blogs


  2. Mike says:

    Hi Kenny thank you for the word you shared. I am faced with losing my hospitality business which I started back in 2003 due to coronavirus and wonder what the future holds for a 55 year old, maybe it’s a new day & a new start with Jesus. It is easy to become overwhelmed with it all thanks for reminding us it’s God who is in control if we trust him as believers. God bless


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