Memories of a Lioness…

Was remembering my Mum today. When I preached for the charge of St. Peter’s and St. Andrews, Thurso, hundreds of votes for and 2 against. My mum was furious about the 2! “Don’t you just want to knife them, Kenny?” What laughter ensued then and over all the years since!

Well, a mother’s love, and all that. I think of her and that memory when someone puts a thumbs down to my online preaching or when I see the odd angry face floating up my screen! It brings warm memories and laughter to my soul.

Preacher, don’t be worried by angry faces on screen or in a congregation. “Lord speak to me that I may speak in living echoes of thy tone.” If that is your prayer, leave the reactions up to him. Everything that truly comes from Christ will always have something about it that means it will be, at least to some extent, a sign spoken against that people’s hearts may be revealed. Irrational anger may be the first sign of hope that someone is awaking out of their own cherished religion to the Kingdom of God.

A wee P.S. Make sure it is the offence of the cross that people are angry at and not at you because you have been a stupid plonker of a messenger.

By the way , I think Jesus would have been laughing uproariously at my Mum when she said that! Let’s know when to lighten up about things. He understands what He made when He created the love of a mother, the heart of a lioness. It is a reflection of His glory, one of the most fearful wonders in all that He has made.

God bless


One comment on “Memories of a Lioness…

  1. Angela says:

    The times I identify as a mother, with your mum, are when my child was physically attacked, or his work of original creativity passed over and praise given to another whose work was done to instructions. The latter saddened me but the former caused me rage!
    The same reaction comes when I observe good friends, fellow Christians, fooled by false teachers.
    Our church brothers and sisters are precious. To see one misled by past hurts, trapped in harmful ways (either harming themselves emotionally and spiritually, or doing so to others inadvertently), saddens me deeply.
    And the harm done by not searching diligently for the father heart of God, seeking to allow Him access to everything we are, welcoming His light, counsel and truth, causes great sadness to those who perceive the truth without judging.
    So much more, then, might Jesus be grieved over harm directed by others, or by our own denial, or by the enemy, to undermine or harm or oppose His own brothers and sisters, children of God.
    God is loving but also wrathful. He heals the broken hearted but condemns those who are not His children but believe they are.


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