The Times, they are a changing…

For whatever reason my lung problem made itself more known recently. However, if I never had this problem in the first place, there is so much of the love of God I would never have discovered.

I read a phrase today in a book that reminded me of that truth when I was somewhat alarmed at how I felt physically, yesterday: “There, away from their ordinary and proper place, they discovered life anew.” That is my testimony of the last 4 years. It was not an easy transition, as what for so long had been my “ordinary and proper place” was shifted from beneath my feet, but I thank God for the transitioning. I hope that may bring hope to those of you for whom all that is “ordinary and proper” seems to be shifting. May you know the presence of the Lord who, as Henri Nouwen points out, left his ordinary and proper place in heaven to come and be with us.

(Philippians 2, where we read of God moving from his right and proper place in order to be in the right and proper place is a good passage of Scripture to meditate on if you are in a time of “shifting” right now.)

God bless


One comment on “The Times, they are a changing…

  1. Angela says:

    Sorry to hear the lungs have been a bit worse recently, Kenny. Many who had to shield for months will find some things worse just because of that, although this might not be the reason for any worsening specifically of your lungs.
    My whole world, my lifestyle and all that made life normal, shifted too, exactly five years ago.
    But when it is an attack on the psyche (one that sends your emotional health moving on its axis, as if deliberately done to make the person believe the opposite of reality), I find that equally challenging to deal with and recover from.
    For some, there be no recovery unless totally depending on Him.
    Physical health deterioration too may be permanent, enduring till we find relief after these bodies finally pass through death and those who belong to Him receive a much superior body at last.
    Praise God for the sweetness of character that grows from such ordeals; it certainly shows in you, Kenny. I am so grateful for your blog.


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