Below the noise and clamour of world and church…

Who would have thought the purposes of God lay supremely in an insignificant woman giving birth to a baby in Bethlehem or in a man dying as a condemned criminal on a tree? Don’t get obsessed with what seems to be the major events going on around you. They may not be nearly as significant as the clamour around then and attention given to them would suggest.

I just got this propheticky thing this morning. “Deep below the noise of the world and the noise of ‘church’, the stream of my life is silently springing and flowing with freshly experienced vitality in the hearts of those praying from a place of humility and faith, gifted by my mercy and grace.”

What could seem more irrelevant to the world than your prayers? What is more forsaken in church than the altar of prayer? We sacrifice time at virtually every other altar other than that: programmes, projects, consultations, planning, conferences, events, blue sky dreaming, thinking, meetings between leaders, imagining. Yet in that humble place, “Father, Our Father” life flows, endless and infinite, undermining the foundations of every dark stronghold. There will be a Confluence of such streams one day to the dismay of an unbelieving world and an unbelieving church. Yet when that day comes it will be a sign spoken against that the hearts of many may be revealed.

If you find yourself being more drawn to prayer in these days, this is the doing of the Lord. You are part of this seemingly insignificant and irrelevant divine happening.

God bless


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