“That which we have …looked upon…touched…seen…” (John, the Beloved)

Why is so much Charismatic talk (thankfully not all) so full of riddles and complications? The Jesus presented is so often a remystified God rather than demystified God. Clarity that can be understood by a teachable child with an eager heart to understand and learn, is replaced by veiled ascending levels to a hidden God, accessed by the spiritual illuminati.

We seem to forget the most astounding mystery is that God became an ordinary human being with ordinary human beings. He became “seeable”, “touchable”, “hearable”. Thank God!

God bless


2 comments on ““That which we have …looked upon…touched…seen…” (John, the Beloved)

  1. Angela says:

    Amen to that, Kenny!
    People depending on unsanctified intellectual arguments (not ruled by Holy Spirit; may His thoughts be recognised as higher than ours) complicate faith and doctrines beyond what is stated in the Bible (properly translated) and so simply clarified and confirmed by asking Holy Spirit to explain as we research and read.
    I’m sure I still get it wrong from time to time though.


  2. Celia says:

    Thank you Kenny – the power of the simplicity and the need to make Jesus accessible.


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