One comment on “Rivers of Living Water…

  1. Angela says:

    Beautiful. Also very powerful and exposing of both your own past reluctance or inadequacy, and that of your readers.
    Of course, we’ve all had times when we fail to obey the prodding of Holy Spirit to speak or act as He wants in that moment regarding Himself.
    ‘Frozen at the mouth’ was a great illustration; it also describes how I often feel when the need to pray powerfully over something is opposed by what feels like the enemy keeping my vocal chords etc paralysed against my will. It’s nasty and oppressive but is overcome by declaring the devil is beaten and has to flee, has no power over me, and that I belong to God from whom nothing can separate me.. lots of verses that are powerful in cutting down spiritual forces gathered against the fervent prayer trapped within my heart.
    But the lack of response to God’s prompting, that is just me all by myself. Nothing to be proud of but we resolve, with the Lord’s grace freshly poured upon our repentant hearts, to be bold next time.
    God bless and keep you and yours, Kenny.


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