That Eric Liddell moment from that film…

Some folk may “tut tut” at this, but this seal I took a photograph of a couple of days ago, is how I feel when I am preaching: I am in my zone, doing what I am made to do, bringing glory to my Creator and Redeemer by doing it! I enjoy it! I have never reached that stage others tell me I should aim for, namely, that one should only preach if it is the last thing in the world you want to do and you should feel like a man being dragged to his own execution and funeral! I feel a great joy in preaching! “Let me get in there and get on with it, Lord” is how I feel waiting to preach! Like a horse in the traps. Great joy in what you are doing can be a sign of death to self! I don’t care what the reaction is to what I preach so long as it is done under the smile of the Lord and honours His word as faithfully as He enables me to do at this stage of knowing Him in part.

Whatever your zone is, GET INTO IT! “ What larks!” Yes, I mean it! That is a prophetic word God gave me for someone not long ago. I questioned it, put on the TV at random and within 2 minutes or less, the phrase was spoken from a production of “Great Expectations.” “What larks,” when you take seriously the doing of the Holy will of the thrice Holy Lord God Almighty, even when hell’s fury is roused against you!

God bless


7 comments on “That Eric Liddell moment from that film…

  1. Alison Black says:

    I know the feeling, Kenny! I get it when I’m editing Christian material at my computer. Each to his/her own!


  2. Celia says:

    Am so glad you said that. That is why your words are so powerful as they are spoken with the reality of Gods truth in your heart not just your head!


  3. Judy Gordon says:

    Kenny your joy comes through your preaching. To put a ‘seal’ (or two) on it 2 days ago I saw 2 seals ‘romping’ in the river Thurso enjoying themselves. Something I hadn’t seen before. They are usually resting on the islands.


  4. judithjamesdavies says:

    What confirmation.  I feel the joy of the Lord when I preach/teach.  I know it is what I was made to do but felt almost ashamed to say it.  It seemed like boasting and yet nothing else gives my life than preaching His Word.Thank you KennyJudith 

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  5. Angela says:

    I love this…. not sure of the ‘What larks!’ the Lord might have been preparing in my life. I am in my element outdoors but also with digging deeper into what it means to follow Christ, finding out amazing depths to scriptures, in my own small way. I’m not called preach etc, no fire for it that refuses to be quenched as you experience.
    I’m just grateful to be a forgiven sinner, and belong in His family of followers.


  6. Annette Masters says:

    Thank you Kenny and yes. This is God at work – oh The Joy set before us – preaching teaching prophesying GOD’S WORD and all the many – so many other gifts – thank GOD He is releasing His Church into all people having ministry – not just the hierarchy – heads up time folks. God is in charge – make way for Him and enjoy the ministry He has given you.
    Jeremiah 11 xxxxxx


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