A Royal Tour

Had a dream last night that my car could be controlled remotely from home. In the dream I found It seemed to have a life of its own and was going where it wanted and was no longer being controlled by me! I laughed and laughed. This was not an “oh no!” moment, but a full of joy moment.

“Cars” in my language mean ministry. I think the interpretation is obvious and hardly needs a dream to teach it, but a dream was given nonetheless and I thank the Holy Spirit for it. The meaning is that ventures online for the sake of Christ whether by me or by you reach more lives and places than we would predict and have the potential to expand the truth and love of Christ into lives of people in this land and beyond with whom otherwise we would have no contact. It is certainly not a replacement to local gatherings meeting together, but it is powerful nonetheless.

In the dream I also shut an old bible in the back seat of the car. Through online ventures the truth and reign of the King can tour the land. All that is required is people willing to be a chauffeur. When you know you are a chauffeur to Majesty, well you treasure that in your heart, but no one really notices you when you open the door and the King steps out. All eyes are on him. When you have been humbled by the honour of being called and chosen as a servant to Majesty, that direction of attention away from you is your deepest satisfaction. It is why you accepted the job offer at the start. It is what you live and work to see happen.

“The Word of God is not chained.”

“Of the increase of His government and of peace there will be no end.”

“I will build MY church.”

God bless


3 comments on “A Royal Tour

  1. Alan Momtgomery says:

    Wonderful dream Kenny. The Bible is the most powerful Book in the world.


  2. Annette Masters says:

    I just love this one Kenny it’s what my life’s ministry has been and IS about: we are Ambassadors for Him and as long as we are lifting Him up all men/women/children are drawn to Him. I also find the New Wine and Wineskins way of doing things exciting He is ALL in ALL blessed BE HIS NAME. Thanks 🙏🏽 And 💗


  3. Andy Wong says:

    I have often wondered how I can make sure others see the Lord and not me. How could I adopt an attitude that fends off the ever ready ego trip. I appreciate it is a perennial heart attitude but I will remember your picture of the Chauffeur whom nobody sees. Thanks Kenny.


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