The path outside that door…

Random fact of experience: I found it easier to hear God when I was on a high dose of steroids when my lung condition was eventually diagnosed! It’s not to be recommended though: I struggle just as much from the distressing side effects upon my body of long term steroid use. So, despite a fellow believer saying in response to one of my posts yesterday that I should keep taking the pills, I am glad the dose of the steroids is much lower now and additional medication does what they were doing.

The fuller truth is I learned even more about God through the illness than through steroids. As Henri Nouwen says, “What seems a hindrance becomes a way, what seems an obstacle becomes a door, what seems a misfit becomes a cornerstone.” What an amazing insight and way with words to express these insights he was gifted with! Sometimes it is good to quote people who say what you want to say better than you could ever say it. Don’t quote too much though. There is life when any of us speak of our experience of God, even when we do so in the most stumbling and halting way.

Sooner or later I pray obstacles you may be facing will become a door God opens to the sight of a fresh path to walk on.

God bless


4 comments on “The path outside that door…

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing experiences, thoughts and insights too, Kenny. But most of all for simple, powerful, faith filled prayers, as in your last sentence.


  2. Joanie says:

    Thank you Kenny
    I’m just recovering from Covid and
    get so tired but I’ve learned to
    cuddle up with God, He doesn’t mind that
    I’ve no strength to praise Him or worship Him!


  3. Shona MacLeod says:

    Hi Kenny thank you so much for this ..both the insight about obstacles can be a door but also that when we share our own experiences , even in a stumbling way (which is most often my position) there is life in them..Thank you so much, every blessing, Shona


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