It was a sort of standard party line I often heard from the pulpit: if the world was not interested in the gospel it was because they were itching in all the wrong places. In the zeal of conversion I nodded my head in agreement…

Now, I think differently having discovered over 50 years the Lord’s compassion, kindness and gentleness. I have found that the Lord is extremely interested in where human beings itch.

If you are preaching this weekend, is it connected to where people are itching? Or do you still insist on the party line: I will tell them where they should be itching!

Tell a sheep they are not itching… not very good shepherding. Rather anoint their heads with oil.

If responses I get to stuff I put out on Facebook care anything to go by, here’s what many truly faithful and wonderful believers in the flock are struggling with:

Difficulty in sleeping…
Financial difficulties…
Long term family difficulties…
“Unanswered” prayer…

God bless you, shepherd or sheep, or both.


3 comments on “Shepherd?

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    God Bless you too beloved shepherd and dearly beloved in our Shepherd’s Care


  2. Angela says:

    So many are indeed struggling with those normal concerns that all of us need faith to overcome.
    Health is perhaps high in concerns although the new mRNA and DNA technology used for current protection against SARS-CoV-2 may have given a sense of security.
    My biggest concerns right now are for:
    1. those rejecting Christ as times we live in become less stable and the future uncertain; especially for those not looking to God for security that brings them safely into eternal life, when life in these temporary bodies is fragile and cannot be sustained forever.
    2. global unrest with an undercurrent of non caring control spreading throughout the Governments of many countries, adding to my other concern..
    Christians, if they have eyes and ears, are crying out for understanding of End Times events and the signs of these things. If asleep or immature, they’re more concerned with the things that ‘itch’.
    The needs of both immature and others at various stages of our Christian walk are of course valid, as are the needs of those not yet in the kingdom.
    Not an easy task for shepherds or sheep, except that evangelists are finding hearts are breaking, hungry and open for solid Biblical comfort at this time.
    Ewe’s truly,


  3. Celia Burns says:

    Its so easy not to really listen to others especially their ‘back story’. I believe the church has failed many by not listening to where they ‘itch’. Jesus just loves to bring his truth into the specific places that need healing and restoration.


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